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We have installed a Infrared Sauna at NXTSET Health & Fitness.
If you are not a member and still wish to use the sauna, please book in voa the tab below.
The cost is $5 per person for members &  $10 for non members per person for each 30 minute session.
Key collection & checkin at reception.
The sauna uses LIGHT to create HEAT, remember that it is the Infrared Light that heals not the sweat, unlike a “sweat” sauna, in an infrared sauna you will detoxify at lower temperatures. We endeavor to warm up the sauna prior to your arrival, however, if the sauna is below 45°C, let it warm up while you are in there, as the infrared is already on a cycle. Once it reaches the max temperature, the heaters short cycle off and on.

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