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A Complete Exercise Program for Adults.
As we get older, our options to exercise shouldn’t be fewer.
We offer a tailored exercise programs for people who are living with medical conditions and or above 55.
Improve your heart health, bone density, flexibility and strength. Senior’s exercise is about staying fit, healthy and socially connected.


Welcome to our Healthy Hearts program – a whole new way of getting fit – without the stress!

Our class instructor and EP Mikayla from Precision Physio  works with out seniors two times a week. 

If you were to come and walk into our gym every Wednesday & Friday at 8am, you would find a group of people chatting, laughing and generally looking forward to their next hour of fun.

 Mainly senior men &  women, come along every week but we do have every one join in from expecting mum to injured members looking to get back into fitness .
Each week expectations will be met, but each week a different workout unfolds – which creates a bit of mystery and anticipation.

Our NXTSET Healthy Hearts Program is a purpose-built, supervised group training program that addresses the broad range of health and wellbeing needs of those over 55 years of age. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved bone density and the reduction in incidence of osteoporosis

  • Increased lean muscle tissue and strength

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety

  • Falls prevention and increased balance and muscular control

  • Improving pelvic floor and core stability

We do charge a $29.95 per month fee for attendance at their weekly classes but this membership will also give you access 24/7 days a week to our full facility. We also include our other group fitness classes into your membership in case you would like to join in on them at your own pace.

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