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NXT FUNCTIONAL SET has been designed by a team of health and fitness professionals including Exercise Physiologists, and Personal Trainers.
NFS sessions are a 45 minute functional intense group training session that includes a true 5 minute dynamic warm up, 35 minutes of functional intense training and a 5minute specific cool down.

Every session has been scientifically designed to achieve specific outcomes and real measurable improvements in strength and power, speed and agility along with muscular endurance.

 Due to the unique composition of the NFS sessions participants will improve their aerobic base while increasing their lactate threshold enabling real advances in fitness levels and significantly greater calorie burn in the sessions along with many hours after the session.

NFS sessions  have been created to increase lean muscle mass which will enhance the individuals metabolic rate and ultimately fat burning capacity making NFS ideal not just for real gains in physical performance but for weight loss and body transformation. NFS sessions will be based around functional movements and include the use of specialized equipment and technology to ensure every minute of every session has a purpose and moves you one step closer to your health and fitness goal. No one NFS session will ever be the same.


NFS Training sessions are 40 minutes in duration and have been developed to incorporate a dynamic warm up of 5 minute,30 minutes of intense functional training composed of Strength and Power, Speed and Agility and Endurance followed by a specific stretch and cool down of 5 minutes.

NFS sessions are not just about burning calories, they are designed to facilitate real improvements in performance in the core athletic areas of Strength and Power, Speed and Agility and Endurance. The sessions will be segmented into specific components where exercises and work / rest periods will reflect real science to generate performance improvements.

Each Session  will have one component being the dominant element of the session.

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