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The app easily allows you to keep on top of your workout schedule and your memberships.

You can:

- View what's new the first time you log into the app after getting any new release.

- View the group fitness timetables.

- Easily book a spot in class and just as easily cancel your booking and free up the spot for others.

- Add class bookings to your device calendar to get class reminders.

- View details of your membership – see when your next payment is due.

- Easily change the payment method for your direct debits.

- Make part or full payments on overdue amounts against your memberships. A badge indicates if you have any overdue payments.

- Going on holiday? No problem. Just suspend your membership.

- View a dashboard of your weekly or monthly workout related activity.

- Set goals on the dashboard and track your progress towards achieving them.

- Share classes with your friends or colleagues via most social media sites (excl Facebook).

Opening the shared link will launch the mobile app and open the class details screen if they have the same mobile app installed.

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