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  • Do I need to be fit before I join?
    Not at all. In fact, if you’re unfit the gym is the best place for you. But one thing is certain: with our energetic and passionate fitness teams you’ll soon be fit after joining.
  • Where is NXTSET located?
    NXTSET Health & Fitness is located at Unit 9 524 – 526 The Great Western Highway St Marys. We are located just behind the Metro Service station.
  • Is there a joining fee?
    No! At the moment we have waived the joining fees. You will need to pay a $50 upfront payment for your access Key fob.
  • How old do I have to be to join NXTSET Health & Fitness?
    The minimum acceptable age is 16 years. Before anyone under this ages is able to train at the facility we will require: All persons under the age of 16 must have a doctors clearance All persons under the age of 16 must parental/guardian supervision. All persons under the age of 16 must have parental/guardian consent.
  • Does NXTSET Health & Fitness offer student discounts?
    We have a school membership available for our under 18 school students. A parent or guardian must complete the sign up on your behalf & a student id must be presented to staff on collection of your key fob.
  • If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?
    Our teams in the clubs are happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you’d prefer to speak to the Club Manager please let our reception team know. If the Club Manager isn’t immediately available the reception team will ensure you are contacted by them as soon as possible. You can also call 02 9833 7732 or send us a message online.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership?
    NXTSET Health & Fitness allows a 7 day cooling off period with any new direct debit membership. Outside of this period you are required to serve out your minimum contract term. Please check your contract terms for cancellation. Should you require a copy of your contact please contact DEBIT SUCCESS
  • What if I lose my membership card?
    Don’t worry. Let reception know straight away so that we are able to deactivate your fob and they’ll issue you with a new one. Please note there is a $30 fee involved
  • Do you offer NO LOCK IN contract options?
    Yes. NXTSET has a Be FREE contact that is $15.95 per week!
  • Why are your prices so low?
    NXTSET is determined to ensure that fitness is affordable for everyone! You will not find a better value, We include our 24 hour access, classes & creche in our membership prices to ensure you get the best!
  • Are you 24 hours?
    NXTSET is indeed a 24 hour facility, Any one who holds a full access membership has access to our facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our staffed hours do differ on this. Reception hours are Monday to Friday 9am-1pm returning 4pm – 8pm and Saturday 8am – 11am Sunday 9am-12pm. At this stage we have a COVID SAFE MARSHAL that patrols outside of these hours to ensure we can be a 24 hour facility for you all!
  • How do I place my membership on hold?
    You can do this via our NXTSET App. You can also do this via emailing us. You may put your membership on hold for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks free of charge. Outside of this time does have a $5 weekly account fee. If a longer period is required for medical then bring in a medical certificate and contact the front desk staff. This application must be done in writing via email. This is not applicable to upfront members. They have unlimited time hold for FREE.
  • Does NXTSET take Fitness Passport?
    NXTSET Health & Fitness does accept the Fitness Passport . We provide you with a full access 24 hour membership. All you are required to pay for is your Key fob deposit.
  • - I'm new to classes. Are there any I shouldn’t do?
    There are no set classes that anyone should or shouldn’t do and enough variety to ensure that there’s a class for you. Don’t be scared of trying something new. If you find it isn’t for you, simply try something else next time but you never know, you might discover a talent you never knew you had. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to try a class three times before making a call that it doesn't suit you.
  • - I’ve never used a gym before. What support is on offer?
    Our goal is to not only help you reach your goals, but to help you create a lasting fitness habit. That’s why there’s always a member of the fitness team on hand to help with advice on training and nutrition, industry-leading instructors to support and guide you in our Group Exercise classes and a network of Personal Trainers ready to motivate you throughout your fitness journey. We also offer unlimited reviews for our members & a free personal training session on sign up. Reach out to one of our fitness pros and you'll have access to support, motivation and fitness expertise.
  • - Are the team first aid trained?
    Yes, we always have a number of first aiders on duty. In the unlikely event that someone is injured, there are also first aid boxes located at reception and in the gym.
  • - How do I use the lockers?
    Simply take a key from the locker & return it when you leave. lockers are only available for use during your workout and will be emptied when the club closes in the evening. While care is taken to ensure the security of our lockers, we can’t accept responsibility for items lost or damaged through theft or misplacement.
  • When’s the quietest time to visit the club?
    If you prefer a quieter atmosphere pay a visit during school hours or weekends.
  • - I have an injury/illness. Can I still use the gym?
    Yes, but we’d recommend you get the OK from your doctor before working out. Research has shown that regular exercise can prevent, slow down and even reverse some symptoms. Our team has experience creating exercise regimes specific to injuries and illness so ask a member of the fitness team for advice and support.
  • Do you have a creche facility with in the gym?
    Yes! Our creche is also FREE for all our members. To use this facility you will need to visit the creche section on the website & follow the promopts
  • Is there a charege to the creche?
    No; We offer a free service for all our members. Please note that as this service is a free service we have the right to aulter or cancel creche hours.
  • Do I need to book in?
    Yes! You are required to book in all children to creche prior to the time slot you want. Please note that a $5 no show fee will be charged if you do not show up to your allocated booked spot.
  • - How do I update my personal details and/or account details?
    You can update all your personal details through Debit Success if you are a direct debit member. Alternatively, you can call into NXTSET Health & Fitness, or call us on 02 9833 7732 or request a change by sending us a message.
  • How do I make a complaint?
    We welcome your feedback and we want to hear about ways we can assist you with any concerns you may have. If you have a complaint, please have a chat with one of our club staff. If you would prefer to speak with the Club Manager please let our reception team know. If they aren’t immediately available the reception team will ensure you are contacted by them as soon as possible. You can also contact your club on 02 9833 7732. Alternatively please send us a message or place your complaint in writing and send it to:
  • - Can I bring a friend to the club?
    We allow casual visits for $20
  • - Can my children wait for me in the waiting area while I workout?
    Our Gym offers a Creche for kids. With toys, games and activities to suit all ages, your child can have fun while being cared for by qualified and experienced staff. Children must be booked in to use this service. You can do this by heading to the creche tab.
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